SIGMA’s Email Marketing Learning Lab: Multiple email waves generate significant response lifts.

by Guest Author on July 19, 2012

SIGMA has helped clients deploy hundreds of email campaigns, including demand generation, lead nurture and loyalty programs. As expected, the performance of email campaigns ranges significantly. Contributing factors mostly involve list and offer. One test we have tried across many different types of campaigns that has consistently improved response is to create multiple email waves.

We have seen campaign gains of over two times—for opens and responses—when three email waves—vs. one—are deployed.

Deploying multiple email waves does not mean sending the same email multiple times. Each email should have a unique subject line and content. Typically, each email is a continuation or variation on a single theme or offer. Normally, the emails are sent one to three weeks apart.

To be cost-effective, consider the creation of a multiple wave campaign upfront – rather than after your first wave underperforms. This will improve your messaging, keep your cost per contact lower and facilitate better project management.

A 3-wave email campaign that lasts less than 12 weeks is a relatively short period of time in the business world (1 quarter). This means that your results should not be skewed by seismic changes in business conditions, which might forces mid-stream course corrections.

Typically a three-wave campaign costs only about 1.5x the cost of a single wave, however, you get over 2x the benefit.

Try it for yourself and see if you get similar results, or contact us to help you plan out your next campaign.

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