Conduct a Marketing Maturity Assessment of Your Affinity Marketing Efforts.

by MarthaBush on June 21, 2012

At SIGMA, we have developed a methodology for assessing the capacity and maturity of an affinity marketing organization. Based on over 25 years of direct marketing services experience in working with clients in affinity and non-affinity organizations, this assessment forms the basis for a marketing roadmap to help organizations get to the next level. These assessments have allowed us to develop a four-stage scorecard for each of six performance categories.

The Affinity Marketing Maturity Assessment examines the following six performance categories:

  1. Partner Lead Generation – This category evaluates the processes, tools and performance of lead generation efforts from target identification to campaigns for lead generation.
  2. Member Campaign Targeting and Measurement – Addressing the member campaigns the processes used and the results they achieve.
  3. Data Management – Due to the complicated nature of managing and effectively using member data files for campaign targeting, great efficiencies or complications can result based on the processes and tools deployed.
  4. Messaging – Focuses on the communications that are being deployed, the channels used, the segmentation developed and the level of customization used to meet the affinity partner’s needs.
  5. Campaign Management – What tools and processes are used to manage the campaigns and data associated with them?
  6. Services to Affinity Partners –Examines how easy it is for the affinity to work with you and what value-add services you are providing to your affinity partners.

Each assessment area is created using detailed evaluation criteria and question sets. We compare with other similar organizations and score and place the organization into one of four maturity levels in each of the six categories. Below are a few characteristics that exemplify the initial stage and the higher-level stages for each of the maturity categories.

Affinity Marketing Maturity Grid

Our clients have found the assessment to be very useful. They are delivered with detailed discussions about potential improvement areas, help to identify the importance of any performance gaps, and begin to quantify the gains that can be realized in reaching the next performance stage. This assessment is usually used as the foundation for a planning process to build a roadmap for the affinity marketers’ upcoming budget cycles and is designed to provide very tangible, actionable advice.

Affinity Marketing Maturity Grid


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Martha Bush is SVP of Strategy & Solutions at SIGMA Marketing Group.  Follow Martha on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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