5 Best Practices for Multichannel Campaign Success. (Case Study)

by Guest Author on June 29, 2011


An international document destruction company wanted to kick start sales in the New Year while resolutions to clean up were fresh in the minds of CEOs and office managers. We worked feverishly through the holidays to create an integrated multichannel campaign that could launch in early January.

What did we learn?

1.  Promote a Unified Brand Message.

Make sure your campaign is visible everywhere your potential prospect or customer will be – on the brand website, PPC ads, online media. Locally based efforts can be very fruitful when implemented by a field sales team.

2. Deliver a Personalized Customer Message:

Customize content and delivery to individuals or highly targeted audience segments based upon key drivers. We found that title, industry and company size were 3 key factors for creating message differentiation.

3. Optimize Every Channel:

Work every channel into the marketing mix. We found that combining 3 spaced-apart emails with direct mail between waves yielded double the response rate of email alone and had the best conversion.  Field sales reps had greater response from local efforts because campaign materials preceded their making contact.

4. Plan the Entire Campaign in Advance:

When running a multi-channel campaign plan, a communications timeline is essential. If you launch your Pay-Per-Click Campaign before your landing page is in place, you will alienate prospective customers. Understand how each channel works together and reinforces messaging without overwhelming and bombarding your audience.

5. Build It So You Can Capture All Activity:

Build your messages to ensure capture of any and all activity.  If you offer a survey or contact form, make sure answers are forwarded immediately to a team that can respond as necessary. Make sure each channel has a unique landing page in order to accurately track which efforts were most effective. When it’s time to analyze and report, a well-built campaign will lay the groundwork on how best to build the next campaign.

In our client’s case the campaign results – better than 3x ROI – became the pro forma and the plan upon which we could build our next campaign.  Hopefully these best practices resonate with you and give you a baseline of where to focus your efforts on your next multichannel campaign.  Good luck!



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