PIMAThe SIGMA Team is looking forward to the Professional Insurance Marketing Association (PiMA) Mid-Year Meeting & Trade Show from July 17-20 in Napa, California.

Not only will we be attending as an exhibitor, but SIGMA’s CEO, Stefan Willimann, will be speaking on a discussion panel immediately following the keynote on Friday morning, July 18, on a topic very relevant to our work: “The State – and Future – of Omni-Channel Marketing ROI.” The session will place Stefan in a roundtable discussion with Adrea Rubin from Adrea Rubin Marketing, and will be moderated by Tony Baldus, marketing principal at Mercer.

SIGMA is taking a unique approach to this exciting event, which will bring together over 200 insurance affinity marketing professionals and vendors at The Meritage Resort in the heart of Napa Valley, centered around the subject matter from Stefan’s engagement. Rather than just speak about omni-channel marketing, we will showcase our own, all-encompassing campaign tailored to the PiMA audience – and deliver real-time communication and engagement via email and social media, and display the accompanying results and analytics using our signature mi-Link data visualization product.

We want to demonstrate the many things SIGMA can do around data, insights, and direct and digital marketing and how we specialize in the insurance affinity marketing space with clients like Nationwide and California Casualty through this exciting opportunity, and expect PiMA attendees on-site in Napa, our fans and followers across the country, and our own employees back in Rochester, NY to get involved. Keep a close eye on our LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook profiles leading up to and during the event for chronicles of all we’re doing to provide an amazing marketing experience at the event.

How You Can Get Involved

  • Attention Attendees: Because we’re speaking about omni-channel marketing, we will be giving away “channels” to attendees that engage with us. By simply stopping by Booth #10 in the Exhibit Hall or, better yet, connecting and engaging with us live at the conference via social media, you’ll have a chance to win a flat-screen TV, smartphone, or tablet.
  • We will live tweet during the panel discussion (9:50-10:45 a.m. Pacific on Friday, July 18) using the hashtag #pimaOCM. Follow along for real-time highlights, questions, and answers from Stefan, Adrea and the audience.
  • Look for photos and videos from the panel discussion, and the rest of the event on Facebook
  • Follow along as we chronicle SIGMA (@SIGMA_Insights) and Stefan’s (@StefanWillimann) adventures in California real-time on Twitter
  • Observe as our network grows through posts and connections on LinkedIn

Here’s your chance to get to know SIGMA Marketing Insights, and how we can bring value to your organization. Witness real-time, data-driven marketing with us!


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