The constant development of new marketing channels and new technologies and customer demands for more relevance has put more intense pressure on marketers than ever before. And since things tend to roll downhill, that puts even pressure on agencies of all kinds to deliver results – Acquisition, Retention, Growth – as marketing budgets are subject to more scrutiny.

The trouble for organizations large and small is data. There’s too much of it, and it’s flying in from everywhere. Data from customers, prospects, transactions, support interactions, campaign touch points, customer satisfaction, social activities, digital behaviors, and more, in innumerable combinations and complexities create confusion and frustration.

Out there in the wild, none of that data is naturally connected. The 360-degree view of the customer everyone wants is usually a 90-degree view at best. Each data element is quarantined in its own silo full of duplicates, noise, and general data debris.

There’s a heck of lot of data around, just not enough of the good stuff:

  • Data that’s actionable
  • Data that works
  • Data that’s trustworthy
  • Data that’s relevant
  • Data that’s accessible
  • Data that helps drive growth and innovation

Since SIGMA opened its doors almost 30 years ago, our bread and butter has been the integration of multiple data sources coupled with analytics strategies that can power marketing and innovation, such as predictive modeling and segmentation scores and scenarios: Good data combined with smart data to create marketing insights.

However, the continual delivery of the most relevant marketing insights had always been presented a hitch. Marketers are demanding more immediate access to all types of data, all synchronized, in ways that are relevant to their own businesses – their metrics, their KPIs, in the language that they use.

Focusing on the democratization of data within a marketing organization using SIGMA’s flagship product, mi-Link, as the marketing intelligence platform, and reporting built using Tableau Software has provided the foundation for insights that transform our clients’ businesses and leads to a trusted relationship both the agency and client can build upon.

  • Consolidated marketing intelligence reporting for critical decision making
  • Cleaned, controlled, updated data feeds – with numbers everyone agrees on
  • Access to data energizes a marketing organization and reduces IT intervention

Our strategy for the future – becoming the brain that drives marketing execution, fueling customer acquisition, retention and growth – has been made possible by strengthening the delivery of our analytics and data integration services.

The promise of insights delivered faster, more accurately, and in a more engaging manner than ever before – providing marketers with access to their own data, the best data possible – has helped SIGMA evolve from simply a provider of data services to a strategic partner for our clients.

Andrew Lucyszyn is VP of Digital at SIGMA, and has been the champion for our thriving business partnership with Tableau. He originally shared this story and presentation at Destination Data: Tableau Conference 2014 in Seattle on September 9, 2014. Learn more about Andrew or connect with him on LinkedIn.


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